What to expect in a Title 5 Inspection

There are some simple questions that should be answered

An inspection of your property is always somewhat invasive. I apologize for that in advance. The Title 5 code requires that an 18-page form be filled out and information must be gathered. But we at Homestead Inc. want to work with you, be attentive to your concerns, get the data we need in as unobtrusive way as possible, and leave you with an understanding of what just happened.

First, we make an appointment that you can accommodate. Our policy is to have you or your representative present when the Inspection is done. There are some simple questions that should be answered, such as how long you have lived there, how many people use the system, when was the last time the septic tank was pumped, and so on. We determine who wants our report, such as you, your realtor, your buyer, and the Board of Health.

Next is a brief walk through of a part of your house, usually limited to the basement, if you have one. We do not need to see bedrooms; you can just tell us about that. Do you have a garbage grinder? Where is the well located if there is one?

Then we do some digging. Your knowledge of what is in your yard is vital. We have methods of locating all the necessary components if you do not have a map, but you know more than we do to start.

We need to excavate at least 2 locations over the septic tank and at least one additional place in the yard. Many septic systems have a distribution box (d-box) where the wastewater flow is split to spread it out. That is a small box, less than 2’ x 2’ usually, and we need to open it to assure there is no backup in the system. Then we put it all back reasonably smooth.

Then we make a map of the house, septic system, the well and such. Our maps are drawn to scale, all components clearly labeled and the date, our license stamp and signature added. This map can be vital to a thorough understanding of the septic system and is important to the prospective buyer. It includes information on recommended maintenance for the future. We recommend that the map be nailed up in the basement or utility room so it can be easily found in future years.

We provide an invoice onsite. When the amount is paid, we can release the report. Most reports are available on the same day as they are paid. Email distribution is fast and effective. We are then always available to answer any questions on our work.

More questions? Please call us and find out. 413-768-2968