Common Septic System Problems

Septic tank systems are an environmentally responsible and cost-effective way to dispose of human waste

They have been used for many years, and they continue to be a safe and reliable means of handling sewage waste. However, septic tanks—like any home system—require proper maintenance. If not appropriately maintained, septic tanks can fail.

To prevent these problems from happening, it is essential to understand how your septic tank works and what you can do to fix any issues. Septic tank problems should not be shrugged off as something not to worry about. Even a minor issue with your septic tank can become a severe problem. You don't want these problems to get out of hand, so you should look for home septic system maintenance in Massachusetts. Continue reading to know what common septic tank problems can become more severe and expensive.

Here are the Common Septic Tank Problems:

1. Clogged pipes - Clogs are probably one of the most common issues with septic systems. Many septic systems use gravity to move waste through the septic tank and into the leach field. But if one of those pipes gets clogged, it can cause backups that make a mess in your yard or backs up into your house.

2. Clogged Underground lines - Is often caused by high groundwater such as during heavy rains. Ageing of leach fields also happens as common greases start sealing the pores in the soil, so water enters the system faster than it is released. In that case, you need a septic system inspection in Massachusetts.

3. Backed up septic tank - This occurs often when a septic tank has an outlet filter, as many modern septic systems do have. These filters protect the leach field, but they really should have annual maintenance. Open the outlet end of the septic tank and see if the 4 inch diameter outlet pipe has a visible opening or something else is there. Anything other than a hole in this pipe indicates a filter is present. This filter has a maintenance requirement. Each fall, this filter should be pulled out with a hook and washed down with a garden hose back into the tank.


Many common problems can affect your septic tank and make it less effective at treating the waste from your home. Some of these issues are easy to fix, while others require professional assistance. You can rely on Homestead Inc. for septic system certifications and consulting services in Massachusetts. Our licensed and experienced professionals can handle septic system situations with knowledge, regardless of their complexity. We offer free initial consultation on all septic system issues. Whether you are looking for a septic design or inspection, we are here to help. We use the most advanced septic equipment available on the market today.