Frequently Asked Questions

septic pump with stink pipe

1. When Are Inspections Required?

Septic system inspections are required whenever the title for a building with a septic system is transferred, other than between family members, or when the footprint or use of the building is changed.

2. When Must Inspections Be Done?

Inspections must occur before title transfer, except when weather makes this too difficult. Then a written agreement may allow a delay until the weather improves. Inspections are valid for 2 full years. We recommend inspections in warmer and drier times of the year.

3. How Is the Inspection Performed?

Homestead Inc will carefully excavate the specified components of your system to save your landscaping. Our state-of-the-art equipment means minimal intrusion. The septic tank and distribution boxes, if any, are to be opened and certified. The average inspection takes about 2 hours. Older systems without documentation may take longer. Your knowledge may help us expedite the inspection.

4. What Does Homestead Do?

Homestead does all necessary services, including research, coordination, excavation, water testing (if required), as-built documentation, and the report distribution.

5. What Does It Cost?

Inspection fees are between $600 and $800, depending on the time involved and mechanical equipment required. This includes backhoe services, if needed. Some towns also have local fees. Septic tank cleaning, where desired, is charged directly by the Septic Pumper. Water testing or other services are available at additional costs.