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Title 5 Septic System Inspections are for people planning on selling their house or for constructing a new home.

In Massachusetts, houses that are not on the public sewer system need to have a report for their home buyer that explains where the septic system for the property is located and its condition. Does it Pass or Fail the Code?

Here at Homestead, Inc., we provide all required Title 5 services. We are experts with 28+ years in the industry and offer the best value for Title 5 services in Western Mass. Every service you might want is provided: Septic System Inspections, well water testing, perc testing and expert septic system Design Services. We can tell you about standard and alternative septic systems, including compost and zero-discharge technologies if requested. Call us and get a free consultation. We cover almost all of Western Massachusetts. We carry all four Title 5 Licenses: System System Inspector, Soil Evaluator, Registered Sanitarian and Treatment Plant Operator. Fully insured. Friendly, courteous and efficient.

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Role of a Realtor in a Title 5 Septic System Inspection

The realtor is responsible for coordinating the per test and getting the home sale to the end goal

3 Crucial Practices for Effortless Septic System Maintenance in Massachusetts

Septic system maintenance is a critical responsibility

The Percolation Test - AKA 'Perc Test'

An on-site investigation to determine the conditions of the soils on your site

What to expect in a Title 5 Inspection

There are some simple questions that should be answered

The Best Leach Field

One leach field system beats all of the others.

Not All Septic Systems Are Equal

A properly designed septic system and provide huge benefits. The newest technologies are markedly small, have shorter mounding requirements, and are far less expensive to build. We will design with the most efficient, most economical (money and space) and least disruptive technology in mind. If you want to save money (and your backyard), you should consider our standard septic system design services. Homestead Inc designs fully code compliant systems with the maximum advantage for the homeowner. We specify the most efficient available technology to give you the best septic system for YOU (and not your contractor's wallet). Call us and find out how Homestead Inc. can help you!

If someone else designed your septic system, but you're unhappy with the cost, let us see your plans. We may be able to reduce the size (and cost) of your system significantly. This step could save you thousands of dollars on your system. Homestead, Inc., does not build septic systems, but we clear the way through the regulatory hurdles so you can get it done!

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Full-Service Septic System Inspections

You can rely on us for all required inspection services, at a competitive cost. For helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous service, contact the reliable team at Homestead Inc today.

We exclusively serve Western Massachusetts, and we have been dedicated to serving the needs of our neighbors for over two decades.

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We can handle all of your inspection and certification needs, including all required Title 5 services (except construction). Our rapid report generation process won’t delay your sale.

You can rely on our president, Thomas S. Leue. In addition to being a licensed treatment operator, Thomas is also a certified inspector, soil evaluator and design engineer. Call us for a FREE site review. 

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